Using energy testing to access the knowing of the Higher Self

By observing your bodily sensations when you ask a question you can access the knowing of the Higher Self.

The Higher Self is the mysterious source of intuitive knowing. The Higher Self operates independently of the overlay of mind-made ego interference and can guide you towards truth and love and away from the self-deception that can arise from your ego-based guidance. If you can learn to tune into the signals that your Higher Self sends to you and learn to distinguish these signals from ego-based messages then you can tap into deep levels of authentic awareness that can pierce surface level deception and superficial desires and fears.

Some say the Higher Self is the timeless and eternal element of us. It is everything and it is also us at the same time. It is the Divine within. Some might prefer a more scientific explanation. In this context, intuition can be understood as simply a reliable form of pattern recognition that derives its power from the higher volume of information throughput available to subconscious awareness acting in conjunction with efficient access to supporting memories. Wherever you believe this information is coming from, by tapping into the intuitive knowing of the Higher Self, you can access a deeper more reliable form of awareness that has its source beyond the limited information available to ordinary consciousness.

If you have had problems being narcissistically abused then for extended periods of time you have actively shunned this intuitive knowing derived from the Higher Self. You deceived yourself that situations that were very damaging for you were just fine and that people who were hurting you cared. You may have been aware of a “gut feeling” that told you otherwise but you actively ignored it in favour of a false narrative about the reality around you. To protect yourself in future you need to build trust in your Higher Self and intuitive knowing. When you start to really tune in to the signals your Higher Self sends to you and start believing in them then you will increase self-trust and you will attract situations that are good for you.

I found the idea of “energy testing” to be really helpful and actually quite fun to practice. I found the idea on Kathryn Lucatelli’s website where it is explained in detail.

The basic idea is that you ask yourself a question to which there is a yes or no answer. You stand or sit still and you observe your internal sensations. You start with something that your mind already knows. For example, if it’s dark outside you say to yourself “It’s dark outside” and notice what happens. For me, when the statement is true, there is this kind of lifting up sensation. Others describe a sensation of leaning forward or of expansion. It is different for everyone. By asking these questions to which you know the answer you are looking to see how you personally respond.

Then once you have done that, you make a statement that is not true. Say it is dark outside, you then say to yourself “It is bright sunshine outside”. This statement is not true. Personally I feel kind of a sinking and shrinking sensation. Again it is different for everyone. Some people describe a sensation of being pushed back or of constricting. Notice the difference in sensation between when the statement is true versus when it is false for these statements. You could try the statement “I love to vomit” and see what happens.

Then this is where it gets interesting. Once you have practised this with known answers and have tuned into the particular bodily sensations that your intuition uses to communicate with you, then you can start to ask questions to which your mind does not already know the answers. These are areas in your life of confusion, where you feel you need guidance, where someone might be lying to you, where you might be kidding yourself and so on. When you ask the question observe the response of your Higher Self. At this point you need to be relaxed. Perhaps take some deep breaths. When you ask the question other feelings might bubble up. For example you might feel fear because you are nervous about what your intuition will tell you is really the case. Here it is important to relax and distinguish the bodily sensations that indicate a yes or a no from your Higher Self versus other emotional overlay. Keep practising using questions with a known answer if necessary until you can separate out the sensation that derives from your Higher Self from any interference. Once you tune into this deeper source of awareness, then this is what is really going on in any given situation.

Have fun!

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